Slowing Down

We are going to slow down and drop the AO Year 1 readings. There is too much going on right now, I feel overwhelmed. And while I believe my oldest is learning, I think some time just working on listening skills with the AO Year 0 books will help him to listen and narrate better. I have been reading on the AO website and mailing lists, and people say that they haven’t regretted waiting a year. Besides, year 2 is recommended for 8-9 year olds, so by waiting my son will be that age when he starts year 2.

For the rest of this year we are going to work on Bible, habit training (starting with attentiveness), the 3 R’s, nature study and narration skills with the year 0 or year 0.5 books. I think we will do one reading a day and I will have him narrate. We are going to continue to read poetry and also start doing the composer and artist studies, so there will be plenty of learning. This should give me time to simplify our schedule so I can keep everything semi-organized.

Daily Subjects:

  • Bible (family), memory verses from Poineer Clubs at church.
  • Phonics (3R’s and the Alpha-Phonics).
  • Math (Telling Time, Making Math Meaningful level 1 and life skills like counting money).
  • Copywork – just 1 to 3 well-written words.
  • Poetry – 1 per day.
  • Narration – 1 short reading per day.
  • German.
  • Time outdoors.

Weekly Subjects:

  • Guitar – with Dad, 3x.
  • Composer Study.
  • Artist Study.
  • Hymn and Folk Songs (I’m not sure how to plan these yet).
  • Handicrafts, safety and life skills.
  • Drawing or art (using “Drawing with Children”).
  • Taekwondo – 2 classes a week.

I think thats good for a first grader – especially since we are learning the CM method. We may start year 1 in January and stretch it to 1 1/2 years, or just start year 1 when he starts second grade next fall. I really think waiting will benefit us all.

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