Open Eyes & Ears (or How Reading Helps with Seeing)

No firsts to report, but I wanted to note some changes — in myself. I’ve been hearing & seeing the chickadees more lately. And I pause to check on our little caterpillar in his cocoon in his little jar. I’ve been outside more – we all have. I spend more time watching my ponies, the chickens, and the trees.

I’ve no doubt the warm spell helped, but there is more. I’m reading “The Burgess Bird Book” with my 6yo, “Pagoo” with my 8yo & 10yo, “The Storybook of Science” (where was this book when I was a child?) with my 10yo, and “Wilderness Predators of the Rockies” with … myself. And I’m trying to keep up with the “Handbook of Nature Study” group on the AO Forums. I really think all this reading is sharpening my senses, or perhaps just my focus. So I’m seeing, hearing & feeling more. And I like it.

(Please note: I’m not tasting more. Unlike my kids. Who seem to be infatuated with tasting snow. Weird.)

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