Walk on March 1, 2013

This continues to be a very warm winter. The pond is breaking up, Jonathan counted over 20 cracks. We will watch to see how the cracks develop. The Southern arm of the pond is completely melted, and we saw 5 ducks. The first group of three took off before we got close (I think they were mallards), the last two stayed until the boys walked onto the docks. I’m not sure what that pair was – not quite mallards but not quite wood ducks. I wish I had brought the camera. We also saw a single goose flying South/Southwest.

We did have our loupes, so we checked out cattails, grass, snow, a felled aspen (with bark), some stripped bark, a felled tree without bark (very interesting holes and patterns) and some ice. We came home and looked up possible causes of the holes in the trees (oval, about 1/2″ long). It seems insects are the closest match.


  • Ducks on the pond.
  • Pond partially thawed (about 10-15% is thawed) — we will watch to see when it is completely thawed and record that.

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