A Lifetime First

We went for a family walk today. DH spotted this on the way home when looking for our youngest son (who had run all the way back to the house and was fine).

It’s a baby deer. We were so close. DD3 wanted to touch it! (I said no, since it was wild.) I’ve seen many deer, even fawns. But never, ever so close. And never, ever one so young. I mean, I think I could have touched it. I got close enough for the picture, and I could see it’s nose moving. I didn’t want to stress it more so we left. But the fawn never moved a muscle. We use the word “awesome” all the time, but this really was an awe-inspiring, awesome sight. Something so small and helpless, yet safe – safe by design, by its nature.
I wonder if it was there as we walked out? I’m sure it was. It was hidden off the main (and less used this year) trail, only thirty feet or so from the neighbor’s driveway.
Isn’t it amazing how some things can turn the world over?

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