God Is Good

Sometimes He has to remind me. I’m a bit stubborn! Amongst other good things in the last day and a half, this is what my husband and brother saw on the way to the jobsite today: a brand new baby deer. Kevin (my husband) doesn’t think it was even two days old.

The little guy had trouble following its mama up the other bank, and after seeing it stumble around on the road my brother had to pick it up and place it up on the bank on the other side of the road. When they returned the mama and baby had wandered off. Hopefully the little dude strengthens up quickly, since it’s nearly September.

(They really didn’t want to touch the baby, but he was too wobbly to climb the bank and they couldn’t leave him on the road. Always remember animals can bite! And they might not let go. My husband rescued a squirrel from a dog as a boy, and had a hard time releasing it! I just don’t want anyone to think wild animals are cute and Disneylike. They are wild.)

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