Nature Lists

I’ve added two nature lists to the back of my nature journal. (I’m using a bound sketchbook from Walmart.) The last page is for constellations, which is our current nature focus with Ambleside Online. It will probably be two (or three) columns.


The next two pages are for birds using the template from The Living Page. I decided to forego more list pages until I need them, drawing the lines is quite taxing. I can see adding single pages for trees and for various types of animals, as well as a two page spread for flowers.


I couldn’t find my G-5, so there is some smudging from the ballpoint. I used a ruler and mechanical pencil to make guide marks one centimeter apart then made the lines in pen.


  1. silvia

    We have those journals… but I did not make them pretty, and we use up the pages! ๐Ÿ™
    Nice job with your blog. I am following!
    Your children are so handsome… your girl so cute!

    1. Amy H. (Post author)

      Thank you. Using up these books is my goal – still striving for consistency.


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