Redneck Tea Time?

We have a hard time with consistency on daytime activities like tea time. This picture is just after Christmas, and I had no special treats for our snack, nor hot cocoa for our Christmas trees set.


A glance through my sad cupboards (because I hate driving to shop in the bitter cold of winter) revealed orange Powerade mix, a loaf of bread, and grapefruit. So we mixed up the Powerade and turned the bread into toast – sliced into triangles because it’s fancier that way -and I cut up the grapefruit. My kids had never eaten grapefruit, and I personally hate it. But I kept that to myself, I believe children should form their own opinions.

As the picture shows, trees time was a hit! We read a little poetry from Robert Frost, talked (including some discussion on table manners!), and dismissed the younger kids while Jonathan, David, and I read about Theseus in Plutarch. We read 1 page, which was also 1 paragraph -or a few sentences! Those in the paraphrase group know what I mean about Plutarch’s super sentences! Then the boys cleared the table and I washed the dishes.

So you don’t need a perfect plan – sometimes you just need to show up with a willing heart.

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