Planning Our Homeschool Year: Mini Series (Introduction)

I’m going to write a few posts about how I am planning this year. I generally plan the same way: brainstorming, choosing resources, trying to make a schedule where only one mom is needed and the little ones don’t get into mischief. This year will be a bit different, because we’ll be trying a timed schedule, and I’ll be trying to stay realistic.

  1. Contemplation (our goals and limits this year)
  2. Books and Curriculum
  3. A Schedule for Sanity
  4. Group Learning (morning time and tea time, read alouds)
  5. Postmortem (what worked, probably in late October)

For reference, this year I will be planning Ambleside years 0, 3, 5, and 7. Later I may even come back and add a pretty graphic like Brandy at Afterthoughts does!

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