Seven Quick Takes: School Changes, Cooling Weather and an Unlost Kitty

— 1 —

Changes already … on week 2! I’ve been tweaking our schedule to get it working. Again, I learned that I need my kids to be more independent. It has to happen. Not optional. One of the off shoots of that is my eldest son’s natural history book. I’d already rejected The Lay of the Land, which is a fascinating book but far beyond the limits of my son’s reading and my own vocal capacity. We tried another book I have which fits perfectly with our area, Wilderness Predators of the Rockies. Alas, it proved to be slightly out of my son’s reach. I think he could have done it, but he’s already taken several readings over and was very frustrated. So I’ve bumped him to the year 8 selection, The Land of Little Rain, because it has an audio book and we plan to spend 3+ months in the Southwest. I haven’t pre-read this book, but I’m trusting AO and my son’s maturity. (We spend winters in the Southwest, so hopefully after reading this book in term 1 we will notice and appreciate the unique qualities of the Southwest deserts more.) He did chapter 1 today as an audiobook while I read it from my ereader. His narration was better than mine would have been. What is interesting is he related the information about the plants, while the story of the water-hauler struck me more.

— 2 —

Math curriculum is still my nemesis. Seriously. And I don’t have more time to devote to it. I have a few Math Mammoth topical books that would be great for my boys that I’m going to use for a bit, at least for Andrew (8). I haven’t decided on my older boys yet. We haven’t done much math this week because …

— 3 —

Hunter Safety has started for Jonathan (12). The first class was last night. About ten days ago they had orientation and received their booklets. Unlike what I remember from my class (many, many moons ago), the kids have to finish the booklet before class began. So we used our “short day” school plan in order to have time to finish the book. Not that the book took that long everyday. But we’d already planned to ease into a new schedule, so I just morphed our plans a bit. Oh, and my always homeschooled, never taken a multiple guess test, likely dyslexic child read the whole book and did most of each chapter quiz on his own, with minor help from me. Yay!

— 4 —

I miss Cindy (who formerly blogged at ordo-amoris). I hope she is doing well with her plans and her family.

— 5 —

My barbarian hobbit children are starting to wear shirts again. Jonathan (12) and Andrew (8) have spent the summer sans-footwear (hence the term hobbit) and sans-shirts (barbarians!). The weather is cooling off, and they’ve been pushed into being slightly more dressed. Still no sign of shoes.

— 6 —

Handicrafts are happening here! Thanks to youtube. It was unintentional. Someone posted about book-binding on the AO Forums. I found a wonderful set of tutorials by Sea Lemon and made a couple little books. My children watched me, and wanted to make their own books, so I had them do the saddle-stitching tutorial. I also purchased some water brushes locally, which meant we had to test them out and water-color. Today, again thanks to youtube, we worked on some clay modelling. And none of this was forced by me. In addition to the youtube videos, I also set our art & crafting supplies up in the main room, and laid out rules for their access (which will hopefully keep them in good order).

— 7 —

Our kitty is back! Stella is a stray cat that brought her kittens to live under the porch at a place my husband worked (years ago). Anyway, we took her. (The kittens were easily adopted out, as you can imagine.) Never again will I adopt a cat. Dogs – yes, I love adopting dogs. But cats are too independent. She’s a great cat, awe-inspiring hunter, but she usually just visits us. However, I’m thrilled that she is home. I missed her purring, knitting and drooling (yes!) when she sat under your chin for a petting.

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  1. Amy Marie

    I recently found you via someone’s link??? Anyway, so enjoy poking around here and your newsy post. I have some Hobbit boys here too and they always what 3 suppers! 😛 Or rather, they are Narnian’s I think! 🙂


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