Regarding Hunter Safety and an AO Boy Taking Tests

Since everyone else is blogging a 31 Days of ____ this month, I thought I’d join the party in a small way and post every day this month. I will also be doing a guest post at Afterthoughts later in the month.


It’s been a crazy few weeks here. My son has just completed his hunter safety course, which was a well-designed course that covered a lot of common sense and gun safety. So, for your pleasure, here are the four basic firearm safety rules everyone should know:

  1. Always treat every gun as if it were loaded.
  2. Always point the muzzle in a safe direction.
  3. Always be sure of your target and beyond.
  4. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.

So, does anyone else worry about how their homeschooled child will do in a “real” class? With real instructors, a workbook, and a test? Especially one that doesn’t fit the stereotype of being a brain surgeon by the age of 12? (Who is, in all likelihood, dyslexic?) I was.

But he did fine. First, he read most of the book by himself. Also, he completed almost all of the quiz questions by himself. And he raised his hand in class. (Although, he was a bit bewildered when he wasn’t called on when he was the only one with his hand up, and again when he was called on when his hand wasn’t up.)

I’d already verified he could take the test orally (actually, half the class took the oral test), other than having to write the four rules (above) by hand. Test night came and I discovered this wasn’t just a multiple guess choice test, it involved an answer sheet with bubbles and a separate test booklet. Something we’d never done in any shape or form. You know what? He passed, bubbles and all! Even though he ID’d a mule deer as an elk… *sigh*

So, fear not, Ambleside Online (and other living-book-focused, non-testing, homeschooling) parents. Give your kids a challenge (with a little support) and watch as they rise to meet it.

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