Seven Quick Takes: The Good Luck Edition

— 1 —

My neighbor found a four-leaf clover and gave it to my daughter. So I guess we are lucky. I found one as a teen and pressed it. I wonder where it is now?

Little princess with her four leaf clover

— 2 —

One of my favorite blogs is getting organized under their new domain name at Like Mother, Like Daughter. I wish Auntie Leila would adopt me. But after I finish my novel I’ll be going through her cleaning tips and laundry tips again. Because my house looks like it’s been cleaned by boys, and we really need to go clothes shopping.

— 3 —

Speaking of novels, I am working hard on revising my book. One of my Nanowrimo projects, about a girl on a pirate ship, which was fun to write but not as fun to revise because I’ve never been on a sailing ship or even a big ship. Unless you count the ferry in Puget Sound. So I am doing a lot of research.

Oh, and speaking of Nano … it starts in eight days!!!!

— 4 —

I’ve re-setup my Official TRwBB Binder System. I decided to bump Andrew to the Treadwell Primer, he’s ready. So I have nine words ready to go for him (I left these loose so we could rearrange them and make sentences). Miss Anna will continue with the Bob Books, she only has one sheet in the front right now, but on my next Wal-mart trip I’ll get more pocket dividers and make her an official binder of her own. (The page pictured is hers.)


— 5 —

Among the oddest of things, also related to me revising a novel (like everything else has been for a couple weeks), is that my laptop is charging backwards. It is currently at 1%. I plugged it in days ago and it was over 40%. Needless to say, I am a bit nervous about this, I wonder what happens when it his zero?

— 6 —

Consider This: Charlotte Mason and the Classical Tradition has been released! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. (Psst – Karen also has a guest post on Afterthoughts which I hope no one has missed!)

— 7 —

I have a guest post on Afterthoughts today, regarding my non-perfect, non-bookish kids. Unless you count Calvin and Hobbes. Check it out, and be sure to read the others in the series. Actually, read the whole blog. It is all excellent!

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