Seven Quick Takes: The Obsessed with Nanowrimo Edition

— 1 —

It’s Nanowrimo season. Sorry, but I am perpetually reminding my family of this too. I’ve discovered in the past that I am not a detailed planning person. The best, and easiest (plot wise) Nano I’ve ever had was when I did a phase outline. Most years I simply pick 30 events (chapter titles) to write on. This year I literally worked on revising my Pirate novelette until the last day of October, and had no time to plan. It also drained my creativity. Which means I started Nano this year with no plan at all, and a creative deficit. It’s been a disaster. I’ve been back to the drawing board a few times, trying to add more depth to my plot. Because if I get bored writing a novel, something has to change pronto! I think we can say I am not for a detailed outline, and I’m also not a pantser. Balance is key!

— 2 —

I’ve been trying to figure out twitter! I’ve done some retweets and hashtags. (Aren’t you proud?) You can find me here, @amyjohines.

— 3 —

Mini-rant warning: Just because I live in the frozen North, does not mean I live in a winter wonderland. We have a dusting of snow, under an inch, and ugly brown grass is peeking through it. Seriously, I heard Ohio got six inches?! And we hit a balmy 20-25 degrees today with patchwork snow (with a low last night around -2).

— 4 —

Back in the dark ages, when you had to plug a cord into your computer for internet access, we gave my step-sister my husband’s saxophone. She is all grown up now, and has moved on, so guess what? We got the saxophone back. Guess what happened then? My children took turns seeing if they could make noise with it. Oy! I think when we have a musical evening we will stick to the piano, recorder, and guitars. At least for now.

— 5 —

Brandy of Afterthoughts has published Start Here: A Journey Through Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles. If you scroll down you can get a free copy of her book “CM 101: Nature Study and Science, Habit Formation, and Mathematics” by becoming a subscriber here.

— 6 —

My Princess is now five years old. How time does fly! Here she is with her eight year old brother on one of our nature walks.

Anna and Andrew

Anna and Andrew

— 7 —

Did I say it’s Nano season? I have great plans for this blog, and so many ideas, but all my writing time is going toward catching up on my word count due to the planning issue in #1.  However, some other areas of my life seem to be stabilizing, so I hope to start blogging more very soon.

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