SQT: The Humble Pie Edition

— 1 —

Did you ever wonder how a story comes to be? My step-mom, a writer, has detailed where she got the idea, and details, for one of her fiction books. I found it fascinating to read. The story behind the story of “A Long Ride Home”.

— 2 —

I am playing with Diigo, thanks to Brandy. It seems complex at first, but I like it. I think this will help keep my Evernote from rolling over me. I’ve noticed that Evernote just isn’t that good at bookmarks, and that, much of the time, I don’t need to save the whole page. I can just look in archive.org at the Wayback Machine.

— 3 —

First totally awesome discovery: Mystie has her Simplified Organization e-course priced by modules (scroll to the bottom). Only $15 to get started. I’m thinking that might be my post-Nano present to myself. (I already have her ebook, Paperless Home Organization, and it is excellent.)

— 4 —

My book, The End of the World (As We Know It), is on sale for 99 cents this week, if you’d like to check it out. I wrote it in 2010 during Nano. I try to challenge myself in some way each year, and the Mayan apocalypse kept showing up, so I wrote an end-of-the-world book. I inserted some teenagers / college kids, I guess because I’d just turned 30 and felt wise (or maybe old). And I added a dyslexic child. Because I had one, and it seemed right to put in a smart, regular kid who just learned differently regarding reading. Anyway, enough about me ….

— 5 —

Because it is time for totally awesome discovery number two: real examples of what Charlotte Mason’s students did in their nature journals. Specifically, the lists they kept. Very simple! For each bird / plant they noted its Name, Latin Name, Order, and Location. Then a simple, hand-drawn grid of when they observed it (how many times per month). Anyway, there are many examples of real student books and school-wide indexes. Click over to A Peaceful Day and see them now!

— 6 —

Bullet Journals. I’ve been playing with one. I made a Midori-style traveler’s journal tonight just to hold one. I’ve already decided I don’t want to do a monthly format, instead I’m going to try a weekly format, and stick with my season keeping or intervals, using one slim book each two months. I’ll use my cellphone camera and Evernote to record anything that needs saved. And it’s all Brandy’s fault ….

— 7 —

I’d like my humble pie: we are going to head back to MEP Math. We’ll keep doing SCM’s Your Business Math with the older boys, but independent math is a bust for us. Plus, with daily, guided math lessons I can catch any misconceptions or problems quickly. I’m not sure if we are going to restart MEP immediately, or finish what we have and restart in term 2, in January.

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  1. Celeste

    Laurie Bestvater talks about the lists in The Living Page, and I was very intrigued with them–particularly with the collaborative ones done by the school. So neat! It’s citizen science in action, way before there was such a thing. 😉 We have been keeping a family life list, but we’ve never done anything more short-lived. I think it’s well worth doing.

    The bullet journals are appealing to me too–they seem to be popping up everywhere! I have been so back-and-forth in my organizational methods. I spent ten years using the same agenda (from college, through grad school, through the first few years of motherhood), then switched to e-organizing for scheduling and to-do lists, and now I’m looking at maybe doing something in between next year. For the past couple years, I have been keeping my appointments on Google Calendar (which I will continue doing), my bookmarking/lesson planning/seasonal planning in Evernote, and then brainstorming and weekly to-do lists in written form…I think that kind of combination proves the most useful for me. Still haven’t perfected it, though. I think this coming year will be “the year.” 🙂

  2. Brandy Vencel

    Is it bad that I’m laughing evilly at this??

    All I can say is you’re welcome.

    And also: you’re welcome. 😉


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