2,000 Year Old Humor


The current page of my Commonplace Book.


There was no doubt about today’s Wednesday with Words selection (which is not pictured as it was on the previous page). This is from Samuel Butler’s translation of The Odyssey. Odysseus is speaking to another man who tried to goad him into competition.

Another [fellow] may be as handsome as a god, but his good looks are not crowned with discretion. This is your case. No god could make a finer looking fellow than you are, but you are a fool.

Zing. Good literature is timeless.


  1. dawn

    I love reading such seemingly polite digs. Makes me laugh. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Heather

    As they say, “Looks aren’t everything.” 🙂

    I need to pick my edition back up. I enjoyed it, but have kept up with it. Going to dig it right now and read a little bit more today.


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