Nature Study in Winter: At The Bird Feeder

Winter is always a challenge where I live. The sun hides for extended periods of time. (Incidentally, this is why there have been no handicraft posts this week: we are out enjoying the sun’s rare appearance.)

Last week we dug out the Bird Feeder and bought more food to fill it. My boys’ nature journals have been laying neatly in their bins, but due to the feeder (placed conveniently outside the boys’ window) my 8yo son decided to make a nature journal entry:


I wrote the words for him, I hesitated on labelling it “Rainbow Bird”, but we didn’t know its name, and I hadn’t seen it, so why not use a description? (I later saw a finch at the feeder, so perhaps that is what my son drew.)

Did you know chickadees don’t stick around to eat? At least ours don’t. They grab a bite and flutter off to the tree, then repeat this ad nauseam. Very energetic little things.

He must have inspired his 10yo brother, because yesterday morning, as said 10yo was supposed to start his school list, he asked “can I do my nature journal?” I managed to not fall over, and calmly answered “of course”, and away he went.


When he began his entry it was foggy, hence the greyness. At the end the sun came out, so that represents the weather. The circle in the lower corner is the trampoline. You can see he drew the feeder and the positions of two birds.

It was $5 well spent.

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