Working with our Hands

One thing I love about Charlotte Mason is how she educates the whole person. She wants the student to know math, to learn history, to love poetry, to speak other languages, to have good habits and to develop skills. These included crafting, artistic and practical knowledge.

Home Ec

My eldest son is my right hand around the house, and it’s time to pass some of his jobs down to his siblings. We decided to make some biscuits. I have a small kitchen, and trying to keep four kids working together can be nearly impossible. So in a stroke of brilliance I split them into teams: the blonds and the brunettes …


David and Anna on Team 1


Jonathan and Andrew on Team 2

Both sets of biscuits were good, although I should have started them with white flour I think. (The older two boys can each make pancakes and such, but the younger two have not.)

I also did some dishes with my Princess:

wpid-img_20150130_115142_132.jpgNo, she’s not a ham at all …

Organic Crafting

One thing I love about an explorative life is how one thing leads to another. We were watching the Indiana Jones Mythbuster’s Special last night, and today DS12 said he wanted to make a bullwhip. So we sailed over to Youtube and found a video on braiding 4 strands (which forms the core of a bullwhip). DS10 joined in, then later on DS8 decided to try a 3 strand braid. (Thankfully I happened to have some vinyl lacing on hand.

wpid-wp-1422656399304.jpgThe two on the left (the orange is baling twine) were made by DS12. The longer one on the right is by DS10, and the short one is by DS8.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Carol

    Love your little ham…


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