Learning by Hand: March 2015 Linkup

Wrapping Up Last Month

Last month we had ten entries! I wanted to list them all here:

Reading through these posts has been very encouraging to me – it is amazing what kids can do with a little instruction. I also want to apologize that the linky shut down before the month was up, so if you tried to add a new post, but the linky was closed, please add it to this month’s link-up. Thanks!

I also want to thank each of you for linking up, and hope we will see more new people every month.

Feature Post

This month we’ll travel to Africa, and visit Jen at Snowfall Academy. Her children are 9, 6 and 4. They completed a three stage project combining cooking, crafting, math and generosity.

First, Jen had a special baking day with each of her children, which I think is a wonderful way to get some one-on-one time and avoid the frustration of too many questions at once, which tends to happen when you have multiple little people learning something new. They also made enough cookies for both their home and to share.

For part two they used my favorite Paper Sloyd resource – honestly it is so easy to follow – and made baskets. Jen modified the instructions to make the baskets a little larger, and they crafted them with fancy scrapbook paper.

Part three involved a little math: dividing the cookies up into the baskets.Then they delivered baskets to several lucky neighbors as a New Year’s gift.

Out of Ideas? Completely Optional Prompts for March:

  • Did you have a hobby as a child or teen? How has that experience (or lack there-of) influenced you as a parent or homeschooler?
  • How do you sort, corral, or otherwise organize your handicrafting supplies?

And Without Further Ado, the Link-up

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  1. Celeste

    Thank you for hosting! I too loved Jen’s post–it inspired me to make baking a regular habit with my kids, something I have been really negligent in teaching them. And my three oldest are so eager! I’m planning to make a start at baking a summer project. 🙂 I love how she incorporated sloyd too. So fun!

  2. Carol

    Hi Amy, I’m just getting into the March link up by the skin of my teeth! Thank you.


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