Learning by Hand: April 2015 Link-up

Looking Back at March:

We had several fun entries last month and I wanted to list them first:

  1. Joyous Lessons: Valentine Cards and Heart Hangers
  2. Windy Hill Homeschool: A Story of Handicrafts Past, Present and Future
  3. Beracá Valley: Building a Bug House
  4. Mahers Hill Academy: Knitted Dishcloths
  5. Beracá Valley: Frontier-Style Wooden Spoon
  6. Ladydusk: Valentine-Inspired Crafts
  7. Snowfall Academy: Felt Bookmarks
  8. Journey and Destination: The Why of Handicrafts and some Beautiful Quilts

Again, reading these has been inspiring. As you can see, we have a lot of variety. If you want ideas you can look at the calendar (two entries were inspired by Valentine’s Day), and then you can look around? Need gifts for readers? Visit Ladydusk. Have some felt laying around, or perhaps some yarn with knitting needles? There are a few easy ideas above. And you don’t need a woodshop to turn out a camouflage wooden bug house – check out Beracá Valley.

This Month’s Feature:

Speaking of Beracá Valley, be sure to check out some fun projects with wood. For the first, they started with a bug house kit. Both children helped sand the pieces, and then assembled the sections with wood glue and nails. (I can picture my father-in-law here, many times I’ve seen him apply a line of glue, press the wood together, and then carefully wipe away drips.) And then they painted the bug house an earthy camouflage. I’m a Montana girl, camo is our state color. Way to go! The final step was to tack the screen onto the outside and add the door.

For their second project, we get to travel back in time. How would the frontier man eat his soup? He’d make a spoon! So father and son spend an afternoon in the workshop making a spoon. They rough out the pattern, then with an axe (again, Montana girl is cheering), a whittling blade, and sandpaper they perfect the shape. A coat of oil and a convenient cord to hang the spoon complete the project.

And next time someone ask me if a Charlotte Mason education is okay for boys, I’m going to send them to Beracá Valley. Because a CM education is perfect for boys. And girls. And moms!

Now I’ll step off my soapbox to make way for the April Link-up.

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