Learning by Hand: Converting the Add-on to a BBQ Deck

It’s been a crazy, busy month. One of our big projects this month involved tearing down an add-on on our house, and turning it into a deck for grilling. I was certain I had a “before” picture, but I can’t find it. So a word picture will have to do. The add-on was intended to be a room for our sons, however, the roof leaked. We tried everything, we talked to other contractors and to various stores, but nothing worked. Then this winter the roof buckled in due to the snow load. So, the add-on had to go!

The best part about being married to a contractor is that I get awesome tools. This is my set. Note the Torx bits (at the bottom), which we also call star bits. They are better than sliced bread.

These are mine. My own. My preciouses.

These are mine. My own. My preciouses.

Ahem. So we (carefully) removed the roof, tore down the walls, trashed the insulation, and swept the whole floor deck clean. And then my husband and the boys built a short wall around half of the deck, to enclose the area for the BBQ.


Still to be done: painting to match the house, and whatever finishing touches my husband adds (I have no idea, but the painting is my part – I love to paint). And then a BBQ with friends or family … or both!

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