SQT: Books, Benadryl and the Beast

— 1 —


Books are arriving! Many are from Amazon, but I picked up a few treasures at the local homeschool book sale. We love Robert McCloskey and Steven Kellogg, as well as the One Small Square books. After getting a chance to browse Keeping a Nature Journal I’m very glad I picked it up. It was difficult to tell what type of book it was from the Amazon preview, but I’m happy to report it contains many examples, some getting started challenges, and is all-round inspiring.


— 2 —

Our wonderful, early spring has ushered in the worst allergy season of my life. Usually I am only minimally inconvenienced by allergies, so this year has been a surprise. Many, many others have allergies worse than I, but I’m weary of partially-effective allergy medication which leaves me half asleep. I miss me.


— 3 —


Utopia. (Cue ominious drum beats.) One of the feared books from Ambleside Online’s year 8. I took the advice at Oh Peaceful Day and purchased the newer translation by Paul Turner. I’ve actually finished reading book one, which was both understandable and enjoyable. I also started book two, and have decided Utopia (the place) sounds B-O-R-I-N-G. No thanks. But now I’m excited to be reading this title with my son next year.

Everyman, A Morality Play (another a year 8 book) also arrived, and I enjoyed reading it, as well as the play about Noah’s Ark (also contained in the Dover edition). There is a dramatized reading on Librivox which I hope to utilize (I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet).


— 4 —


I purchased a “Mixed Media” spiral book at Walmart and have been trying to paint more often. I have one, and only one, completely awe-inspiring tip for fellow watercolorists: let the paint dry before adding another color. You’re welcome.


— 5 —

I have my ticket to the upcoming Ambleside Online conference! I’m so excited and a bit nervous. My last ride in a commercial jet took place when I was around two years old. I was told I screamed most of the trip. I’ll try to be quieter this time.

— 6 —


I’ve mentioned before how I love Youtube (with prescreening and an ad-blocking program). This drawing by J-age-12 (I’m stealing that notation from Brandy) was done after we watched a few video tutorials about drawing dragons. For physical books, Drawing Dragons is a favorite around here, along with the more general Drawing Textbook.


— 7 —


The beast is back! My baby is running again. Well, technically it’s been running, but with a pretty new clutch, it’s also moving again. Thanks Dad for driving down to fix it! (I lesser-than-three my truck.)


  1. Angela

    I just picked up Leslie’s book at our library! I’ve barely skimmed through it, though (got it yesterday). I’m glad to hear someone else has found it useful! I’ve been looking for some tips to begin nature journaling since my dd6 will be starting year one soon and I’m pretty clueless ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Catie

    I’ve had that book about nature journaling on my wishlist for a while now. I may have to actually add it to the cart one of these days.

    I love your aloe vera painting. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And, Holy Big Truck, Batman!

  3. Celeste

    I really like your Aloe Vera!! And man, that’s a good looking stack of books. ๐Ÿ™‚


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