31 Days: A Few Kitchen Hacks

Today: three of my favorite things in the kitchen. And they are all so simple. Here is the post that started it all, from Misty at Simply Convivial speaking about how their morning tea led to smooth mornings. This is our take:


Hot cocoa with morning devotions (after waking, before breakfast). The bigger boys make their own cups, and I’ve started allowing them to leave the kitchen with their Bible and cocoa. The younger two sit with me and we read from Hurlbut’s Story of the Bible.

I don’t think anyone will be surprised by our second guest: the crockpot.


Yes, this is really my humble crockpot (or slow cooker). We use a fork to lift the lid. (I would replace it, but as we are moving and must pack light, we just use it as-is.) I love turning the crockpot on mid-day, knowing that dinner will be ready right on time.

I like to think of using the crockpot with freezer cooking as black belt level meal mastery. I learned about combining the power of the crockpot and the freezer here, and a simple Google search will bring up many more articles.

And number three in my fun kitchen hacks is: the fruit basket.



It fits perfectly between the coffee pot and the refrigerator. And it’s taught my youngest one to tell time, because at 10am each child can choose one piece of fruit. It almost always contains bananas, and usually one other fruit, like apples or oranges, whatever is on sale. Sometimes we’ll have more exotic fruits, such as kiwis (which fit in the basket) and watermelon (which does not). I like having the basket tied to a time, because it provides a nice morning break and it means fewer questions for me. Oh, and the basket came from a local thrift store. (That’s what I hunt for in thrift stores: books and baskets.)

Speaking of books, I think we’ll do another book post tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. dawn

    I wrote about crockpot today, too. Love mine!

  2. Kortney

    I always hunt for baskets at thrift stores too ๐Ÿ™‚


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