31 Days: Indexing my Bullet Journal

I won’t have much text today, since I found the “how to” at The Technical Geekery – it is probably the most helpful and thorough tutorial I’ve read in a long while.  I decided to devote 5 pages to my index, and put it at the back of my bullet journal.


Letters A through D on page one of the index. I wrote the index letters with a highlighter first, then followed with a pen.


Page two is E through H, page three contains I through M. As recommended I’m staggering the location of the terms around their letters.


Page four is N through S, and the last page is T through Z as well as numbers. Of which there are none. School seems to be the most popular term. At this point I have not indexed my daily pages, but I have plenty of space, so perhaps I will in the future.

For myself this true index in the back is infinitely more useful than the standard bullet journal table of contents in the front.


This post was closely monitored for accuracy by Storm, head of the quality control department. He’s feeling better and has hardly let me out of his sight since I returned from the Pacific NW Charlotte Mason Conference.

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  1. Lisa

    I totally agree on index vs table of contents. A Table of Contents takes one to chapters, not to pages.


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