31 Days: Yesterday’s Classics

Short Version: You can buy these without fear. If they are not available on Amazon, you should check Rainbow Resources and yesterdaysclassics.com. If that fails pop over to the AO Forums or the AO Facebook group.

Long Version: I chose the book “School of the Woods” for this post for a reason. I’ve bought several books republished by Yesterday’s Classics, and knew they were good quality paperbacks. Then I received this book by Long (used in Ambleside Online’s year 6), and I was amazed at the care taken by the publisher.

I mean, look at it!


How much attention was paid to this book to get the details just right, the formatting perfected? I’ve learned that Yesterday’s Classics is a cut above the rest. They care about the beauty of the books!


From the Yesterday’s Classics website:

Yesterday’s Classics republishes classic books for children in high-quality paperback editions. These books, first published in the golden age of children’s literature from 1880 and 1920 and long out of print, are reprinted in modern easy-to-read type for today’s readers. The illustrations from the original volumes have been included except in those few cases where the quality of the original images was too low to make their reproduction feasible. Color illustrations in the original volumes are rendered in black and white in these editions.

(The photos are nicely reproduced in the books. Unfortunately my camera couldn’t do them justice.)

Here is an older Yesterday’s Classics book, This Country of Ours, so you can see how they might age.


The sticky stuff on the bottom is from peeling off a library sticker I changed my mind about using. You can see the corners are bent a bit, and there is a little crease in the spine. The book is still solid, tightly-bound, and easy to handle, even if it’s not the prettiest book on the shelf anymore.

PS: I also own the original Yesterday’s Classics ebook bundle and the quality is superb. It makes me wish I liked my ereader more. You can read many of the Yesterday’s Classics books on its sister site, mainlesson.com.

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