Back to the Classics!

I didn’t set a numerical reading goal this year. I’ve burnt out on numbers it seems. But, after a 12 page thread on the Ambleside Online forum, I decided to join the Back to the Classics challenge run by Books and Chocolate. So this is my probable list:

  1. Nineteenth Century: Westward Ho!*
  2. Twentieth Century: Christopher Columbus, Mariner*
  3. Woman Author: Emma
  4. Translated: Promise of Fidelity* There are a couple translations, I linked the one I’ll be reading.
  5. Non-white Author: Things Fall Apart
  6. Adventure: Paradise Lost* (in progress) I like Dover because they are cheap and I don’t feel bad for writing in them.
  7. Fantasy: Fierce Wars and Faithful Loves*
  8. Detective: Father Brown
  9. Title=Place: Utopia* You want Paul Turner’s translation.
  10. Banned: Hamlet* (in progress)
  11. Reread: Old Man and the Sea OR Little Women
  12. Short Stories: The Pink Fairy Book This is the edition I own.

* Book being discussed on the AO Forums.

So, there we go! Who else has set a reading goal of sorts?

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  1. Carol

    I wasn’t aware that Hamlet had been banned. We’re doing that this term so I’ll keep it in mind for a back-up – I’ve already made at least two changes to my original list.


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