A Surprise Opportunity for Learning by Hand

It turns out some of the best things in life are not planned. We had a fun day today – term 3 starts next week, so we took today to visit the park. On the way home we saw a climbing tower with various community businesses. So we had to stop.


My eldest – there were four routes to the top, he did each of them at least twice.


But in addition to the fun stuff like mini-golf, bungee bouncing, mini-basketball, trivia, and the local Jr. High band, there were representatives from the 4-H Muzzleloading Club: a gold mine of handicrafts and history. We saw a compass manufactured the same year that Lewis and Clark began their journey, several flintlocks, various types of traps, arrowheads, items used for trade, and a shaving kit one gentleman built after seeing Clark’s kit in a museum.

Various types of traps

Various types of traps

And … we met a young man who makes flint arrowheads and flint knives as a hobby. He has gathered flint (sadly, he informed us Arkansas and Texas are better places to look). He skinned his first deer with a flint (and antler) knife he built. We saw several arrows, a quiver, and two display cases of his work. He has also fashioned flint heads out of glass. My eldest spent quite a bit of time talking to him, and watched as he chipped a piece of flint into a point.

Arrowheads and flint knives.

Arrowheads and flint knives.

Some of the best things in life are free.


  1. Karla (clay1416)

    It’s nice to know other year round schoolers are just now beginning Term 3 like us πŸ™‚
    And yes, most of the time we have a great time it happens by chance and unplanned…which is funny cause I love to plan!

  2. Karla (clay1416)

    I should have read the date perhaps πŸ˜›

    1. Amy Hines (Post author)

      Due to life (and unusually bad allergies this year) we are just wrapping up week 3 of our term. So you aren’t far “behind”! πŸ™‚

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